Further reading

As a non-Dutch speaker, it can be pretty overwhelming to start navigating the Dutch-speaking theological world. We are therefore committed to providing an overview of English-language articles regarding the work and legacy of K.H. Miskotte.

A Better Resistance: The anti-pagan writings of Dutch theologian K.H. Miskotte

Start here for a short introduction on the relevance of K.H. Miskotte for today, written by Collin Cornell and Eleonora Hof. Accessible without prior knowledge of K.H. Miskotte.

The English Language Reception of K.H. Miskotte

Collin Cornell wrote an accessible article, detailing the reception of Miskotte in the English-speaking world and outlining the contemporary significance of his work:

Miskotte on God

Dr. Jan Muis, professor emeritus of systematic theology in Amsterdam, wrote a detailed article on Miskotte and God.

God has a Name

Collin Cornell writes about the significance of the Name for Miskotte’s theology.

Miskotte on Paganism

Paganism is an important concept in Miskotte’s theology – but his usage is different from contemporary parlance. Martin Kessler explains the difference.

Resistance in the work of Miskotte

Eleonora Hof explores the meaning of resistance and its contemporary significance.

Review articles

Review of Miskotte’s biography, Herman de Liagre Böhl.

Review of Sören Peterhans, Offenbarung des Namens und versöhntes Leben: Eine Untersuchung zur Gotteslehre bei Kornelis Heiko Miskotte.

Review of Philip Ziegler, Militant Grace.